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Good Night Library

By Denise Brennan-Nelson

illustrated by Marco Bucci

Book Source: purchased

Book status: Available

This book is about saying good night to everything about the library! It says good night to the books, puppet theatre, the studying, the beanbags, and all the other things about the library!

I recommend this book to everyone!! It is so nice, and the illustrations are really cool!!

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You Are

By Stephanie Tayla

Book Source: Purchased

Book Status: Available

This book is about how you are great and positive and everything good! Each page has an animals and you are…… and then the positive word! It’s great and it’s very cool that the end page has all the words and more words!

With my ADHD it’s a great book cause your always making mistakes and getting in trouble and sometimes getting bad grades because careless mistakes you should have noticed, so hearing positive words it makes you feel more confident!😀

I recommend this book to anyone that needs to hear something positive about them! It’s a great book for little kids because it’s not at all hard to read!

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Dactyl Hill Squad Book 2

By Daniel Jose Older

Book Source: Provided for review

Book Status: Available May 14, 2019

This book is about Magdalys and her friends who are going into the south to rescue her brother in the midst of the Civil War. Oh, and they’re going in on a pterodactyl because dinosaurs never died out! They also learn their friend Cymbeline is a spy for the war! Magdalys can tell dinos what to do and read their thoughts!! They think she is the only one, but the later learn that she’s not alone! ( well on the union side yes, 😩 she is alone! 😩 ) ok, even with this I’ll tell the whole story! I love it so much!

I recommend this book to 3rd grade+ and kids who like historic stories, dinosaurs and historic stories with dinosaurs!

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Order of the Majestic

By Matt Myklusch

Book Source: provided for review

Book Status: Available May 7

This book is about a boy named Joey. He is very, very good at standardized tests. He scored perfect scores on all of them! So he goes to New York to get PMAP which is, in the kid world, the What-am- I-gonna-be-when-I-grow-up test. Oh and he’s going to a special (year round) school!! When he gets to the test building he takes an alternate test, a magic test!! At the end he’s transported to an alternate dimension where a theatre, The Majestic Theatre, still stands even though on earth it burnt down in a tragic fire. The Majestic is the home of the best magician after Houdini and Merlin, Redondo The Magnificent. He was hiding all 20 years he was missing because of the tragic fire in the Majestic Theatre and he was tricked into thinking his assistant Grayson Manchester had been killed ( mr. Gray is the guy at the PMAP building by the way). Redondo holds the wand of Houdini, has cancer, and is reluctant to take on an assistant. But Joey persuades him to take on an assistant, an heir to the wand. So he decides to start a contest of the most magical kid out of three, Leonora, Shazad, sand of corse, Joey! Plus——— SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!! Oops!

I recommend this book to 3rd+ grades. And kids who like magic!

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Over the moon

By Natalie Lloyd

Book Source: provided for review

Book Status: Available

This book is about a girl named Mallie who lives on a mountain called Coal Top, where to work, most people go down to the valley. There are quite literally 2 professions if you live on Coal Top, maid ( girls ) and miner ( boys ). So it’s pretty boring. But then the guardians ( the people who supposedly protect the valley and mountain) threaten to take her little brother if they don’t pay 4,000 moneys! Then she finds a poster that announces a contest in which you train a flying horse and collect gold powder to get 1,000 moneys per mountain she jumps at the chance. Oh and theres dust in the sky that is poisonous ( or so they say!) that snuffed out the stars and you never see the sky, you only know the time by the light coming through the dust!! I could talk all day but I can’t spoil it so that’s enough about the book!!

I recommend this book to 4-6 grade kids that like Pegasus’s, adventure and mystery!!

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Mine. Yours.

By Marsha Diane Arnold

Illustrated by Qin Leng

Book Source: Provided for review

Book Status: Available

I’m curious, how does an author turn over a book like this to an illustrator and get pictures? I mean it’s a book that only uses 2 words! Mine yours mine yours mine yours is all it says! But it’s such a great book!!

This book is about a panda who goes to play with a kite but it pulls him into other animals things and sometimes the animal!

The illustrations are so cool and great too!!

I’m giving these two books on my twitter and instagram accounts, check out those pages for more details!!

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Multi-book review

Reviewers: Drew and Jake
Book Source: provided for review
These two books were awesome! The “Rock” one was neat with showing everyone involved with the history of rock n roll. Chuck Berry and Tina Turner were cool and so was David Bowie and his cool face paint 🙂 
The “Rap” one was also really awesome like the “Rock” book with showing a lot of cool rappers. We liked Run DMC and Missy Elliott. Also liked the cool guy with the hat on the cover…we don’t who he is but seems like a nice guy!!

Review – “Frida Catlo”

This book was very nice and really really cool & informative. We liked the cool pictures of Frida as a cat and they did a great job of showing her exciting life and art.
5 out of 5 kitties 🐱