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The Legend of Mackinac Island


This book is about the Native American legend of Mackinac Island. Mackinac Island is a really cool place in Michigan. In the legend, a turtle named Makinauk had friends who were trying to get some place. They got tired and rested on him.

I visited Mackinac Island recently.

There are like 300 fudge shops on Mackinac Island. They are so yummy. The one I went to had ice cream.

On Mackinac, there are no cars. I like taking the horse tours. They tell you to not step in the mud puddles, because they are not mud. They are horse poop!

There is a butterfly house on Mackinac Island. I like it because you can have butterflies on your fingers. It is the second tour stop.  My driver had really bad jokes.


I recommend both the book The Legend of Mackinac Island and visiting Mackinac Island.

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The Princess in Black


Author: Shannon Hale

This is part of a series. I like series because the stories continue.

I like that this princess likes to adventure. She has a secret that no one knows. The secret is that is the Princess in Black, who is the heroine. She is just like me. Sometimes, I am the hero too.

This book is girls who love to adventure and like princesses. Girls who want to adventure but are afraid would also like this book.

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Bear’s Big Day


By Salina Yoon

Bear’s Big Day is really nice. It’s about Bear going to school for the first time. His mama gave him a Big Bear Bag. It was so cool the lunchbox had Penguin on it! And Penguin was saying “Cool.

I would suggest this book for kids like my brother who will go to kindergarten in the fall. It will help them get settled.

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Thank you

Dear Readers,

Thank you for reading my posts and writing me comments. It really helps me know that you like them. The questions make me think a lot.

If you have a book I should read and review,  let me know!

Happy read-in!


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Kelly DiPucchio

1233278_10154077054223514_7568976402572133419_oKelly DiPucchio

This is Kelly Dipucchio  up there ^.Kelly Dipucchio came to my school. We had an assembly for her and I wore a dress made out of crafty Chloe fabric.  Crafty Chloe is one of the books she wrote. I like the book because Crafty Chloe is just like me. I like to do crafts, sew, paint, draw, and I also made a farm out of paint  chips and made the farm house out of sticky foam. The fields of food and plants were paint chips.

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