Duck & Goose Colors

Duck  & Goose: Colors  by Tad Hills  is a board book. I love it because I can read it to my 5 year old brother (he is very very very annoying). I like the colors in the pictures. I wish I could be friends with them because they are funny.  I hope you love it when you read it.

Bridget’s book review: 9/10 smileys

4 thoughts on “Duck & Goose Colors”

  1. Oh, I love those books, too! I’m sorry your brother is very very very annoying, but I know that he loves you very very very much for reading it to him anyway. Thank you for reading and reviewing.

  2. ‘Hi There Bridget! GrandMary here. Sorry I haven’t commented lately. We have been traveling for the past week. We stopped in Soiux Falls, South Dakaota and Rapid City,S.D. On our way to Cloorado Springs for GrampaCharlie’s miliItary reunion. Oh. we also went to Mt Rushmore, Lots of woods and hiking. We sent some books to you and Mr. Annoying. Hope you two enjoy them. Miss you all so much.

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