My name is Bridget and I am a girl likes to read. I am in elementary school and will be in second grade.

Reading is so fun. My all-time favorite author is Salina Yoon! She writes the Penguin series and Bear books.  The newest author I am enjoying Kelly Light and her Louise series.  On this site, I will share my review of the books I read.

I also like art, crafting and sewing. I can’t decide if I will be an author, an illustrator, a librarian or a penguinologist.

I have a little brother who I call “Annoying Little Brother”. He loves Tim Kubart, pirates, trains, cars, planes, construction equipment and dance.  Sometimes, I will let him do a review.

Happy read-in!



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My parents administer this site and associated email/social media (haha, my parents work for me!)

8 thoughts on “Introduction”

  1. Hello there Bridget. I am so impressed with your blog. I am Kimberly Beckwith, the principal of McIntyre Elementary School. Your mom was telling about your book reviews, I just love them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I look forward to meeting you one day. Keep reading over the summer!!

  2. Hello there Bridget. I am very impressed with your blog. I love the idea that a second grader is blogging about great books. I heard about your blog from your mom. My name is Kimberly Beckwith, I am the pricipal at McIntyre Elementary. I hope to meet you soon. Enjoy the summer and keeping reading.

  3. Hi Bridget,
    This is Chloe from Chloe’s Friendship Circle (my podcast). I love to read to. Want to review a book on my show?

  4. I am so proud of you…my magical Bridget! You are an inspiration to all! Your talent and creativity shine through whatever you do! You can turn a gloomy day into rainbows! Keep it up!!! Thank you again for the book… I will treasure it always!

  5. Hi Bridget–Mrs. Berger here! I am really impressed; your blog looks great! I hope that you are reading over winter break, because after all, “Reading is FUNdamental!”

    Looking forward to more book reviews and other items you wish to write about. See you in the New Year!

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