Penguin and Pinecone

The first book I am reviewing is “Penguin and Pinecone: a friendship story” by Salina Yoon. (You will see a lot of Salina’s books reviewed here so get to know her)

This book is so amazing. It is so lovely. It is about a penguin named Penguin who finds a pinecone in the cold. He tries to see what it is but it doesn’t work because the pinecone is from the forest and Penguin is from the Antarctic. They become friends and Penguin eventually takes Pinecone home.

My favorite part is Pinecone grows into a big tree but still has his scarf from Penguin.

This is the first book in the Penguin series.

Bridget’s book review: I give it ten smileys out of ten smileys.



7 thoughts on “Penguin and Pinecone”

  1. Thank you for the ten smileys out of ten smileys, Bridget! That makes me SMILE pretty big. And it’s a good thing that scarves are so stretchy!

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