Cleopatra in Space

Author: Mike Maihack


This is a review  for a series called Cleopatra in Space. It is a comic book. The one you see up there is book three. It was just released.

Cleopatra is a girl who gets in the future in space. She is mischievous. Her sidekick is a cat name Khensu. He is very serious.

I like this series because it is funny. I like the stories. I can read them in pieces. I shared it with my grandfather when he is visited. He liked the series too.

I even dress up as Cleopatra. I even entered a cosplay costume as her. I didn’t win but it was my first time.


The fourth book will come out next year.

Bridget’s book review: 13 out of 10 smilies. It gets bonus ones because it is really, really good and I am having a hard time waiting for the next one.


9 thoughts on “Cleopatra in Space”

    1. its a very very very good comic book i don’t like to spoil things but i want to tell you that there is some surprises like one of the characters meeting someone new who knew his dad and had a picture of his dad that surprised him.

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