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Salina Yoon


In the fall, I met Salina Yoon. We have been friends for many years online but this was in real life. She read my favorite Penguin book and the newest one at the time.

Salina is really nice. She even sent my class penguin stuff for our reading month!

And right now, you can get Salina’s books and stuffed animals at Kohls. Mom says this is the last month so you should hurry.


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Cleopatra in Space

Author: Mike Maihack


This is a review  for a series called Cleopatra in Space. It is a comic book. The one you see up there is book three. It was just released.

Cleopatra is a girl who gets in the future in space. She is mischievous. Her sidekick is a cat name Khensu. He is very serious.

I like this series because it is funny. I like the stories. I can read them in pieces. I shared it with my grandfather when he is visited. He liked the series too.

I even dress up as Cleopatra. I even entered a cosplay costume as her. I didn’t win but it was my first time.


The fourth book will come out next year.

Bridget’s book review: 13 out of 10 smilies. It gets bonus ones because it is really, really good and I am having a hard time waiting for the next one.


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Kelly Light’s Louise

This is a double book review! BONUS!

Kelly Light has a series about a little girl named Louise.  She wears red glasses, loves art and has an annoying little brother. She is my girl.

The first book is Louise loves Art. The funny part is “art” is both art and her brother’s name. Louise is creating an art show and her brother ruins her masterpiece. I learned how to take a bad moment and turn it into a good one.

Bridget’s book review: 8/10 (could be longer)

The second book is Louise and Andie. It just came out yesterday! Friendship is hard for me so I liked this book because Louise overcame a problem to be a friend. Friends don’t have to agree on everything. But they should wear really cool glasses.

Bridget’s book review: 8/10


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Duck & Goose Colors

Duck  & Goose: Colors  by Tad Hills  is a board book. I love it because I can read it to my 5 year old brother (he is very very very annoying). I like the colors in the pictures. I wish I could be friends with them because they are funny.  I hope you love it when you read it.

Bridget’s book review: 9/10 smileys