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North Woods Girl


Author: Aimée Bissonette
Illustrations by Claudia McGehee

I liked North Woods Girl because it reminds me of my great  grandmother and my mom. They are both North Woods Girls. My great I grandmother was raised in the New Hampshire/Maine woods and still likes to hunt, fish, hike and camp. She is 90!

My mom was raised hiking, camping, fishing. She just took my brother and I camping in the Pictured Rocks Lakeshore. I even called Absolutely Mindy from the Sable Dune.

(Secret message: I wish I was more of a North Woods Girl but I don’t like bug bites.)

The story is about a girl visiting her grandmother, who lives in the woods. They go hiking in the trails behind grandmother’s place. They spend time in nature together.

The illustrations are really nice and have a lot of details. I like the illustration of grass because of the different colors used.

I recommend this story to outdoor girls and boys.