When a Dragon Moves in

Dragon Hi Res Cover

Author: Jodi Moore

Illustrated by: Howard McWilliam

This is a book I would share with my cousins who love dragons. I am going to send them my copy.   It is a story about a dragon moving into a sand castle that a boy made. The boy gets in trouble because he keeps saying the dragon is doing the naughty things. He is right but his parents can’t see the dragon.  The big mystery is is the dragon real or fake?

I think it is real. At night, I see firey breathe coming out of my playhouse, then I see a head, then wings and then a tail. I have a dragon living in my backyard.  He doesn’t do anything naughty so I don’t get in trouble because of him. I get in trouble all by myself.

I heard there is a second book, but so far, I have not found it at the library (it was checked out) or at the book store (this one was there).

I recommend this book to kids who get in trouble. It would be nice to have someone to get in trouble with…

Come back tomorrow to learn more about author Jodi Moore!

[Bridget Note: Dragon is holding a contest this month to encourage kids to help the environment. You could win copies of both Dragon stories. More info can be found at https://kidsinspiringnewdirections.wordpress.com/ . It runs through July 31st)

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