Sunday Shopping

By Sally Derby

Illustrations by Shadra Strickland

I first found this book last summer. It has stuck with me. It is a good story.

It is the story of a girl and her grandmother having fun with no money. They do it by going in the newspaper and pretend shopping. They use pretend money but get what they think they need.  The girl probably learns a lot about keeping her money and how to spend it well.  Plus it doesn’t cost her grandmother any real money. They use their imagination really well.

I think I should start trying this. It is a way to do good with no money, because having fun and using my imagination are good ideas.

I recommend this book who have really good imaginations and people who want to work on their imaginations.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Shopping”

  1. I like the book because the grandmother and granddaughter do this every Sunday. I especially like the part towards the end when the granddaughter pretends to buy flowers for her grandmother. Do you think the picture of the woman in uniform is her mother?

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