Meet the Author: Marsha Diane Arnold

Today’s Meet the Author is  Marsha Diane Arnold. She is the author of Lost.Found.


Author name:Marsha Diane Arnold

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Tell me a little about yourself:You can read about me at I have you starting at Chapter 2 as I need to update Chapter 1, which has me still living in California! I live in Florida now, near my daughter’s family. 

         I grew up on a farm in Kansas, surrounded by wheat fields, cows, and lots of cousins, uncles, and aunts. I love being surrounded by family and nature. At my husband’s and my new home in Florida we have big oak trees, a pond, and lots of lizards and cicadas. My daughter and her two children, Grainne and Baby Flint live close by. One of Grainne’s and my favorite things to do is to feed carrots to  the three ponies on the lane.

I love to travel, scuba dive, hike, garden, and, of course, read and write.

When you were my age, did you like to read? Absolutely. Reading was one of my favorite things to do as a child. But I’m a late bloomer as far as writing goes. I didn’t start writing until I had children of my own. 

What was your favorite story? I loved books about animals. Still do! When I was very young I enjoyed The Poky Little Puppy.When I was older, my favorites were Lassie Come Home, about a collie who travels a long way to find her family, and Black Gold, about a little horse who did big things.

How do you get your ideas? Ideas are all around us. I get ideas from lots of different places. The Pumpkin Runner came after reading a magazine article. Quick, Quack, Quick was inspired by my son. The idea for my recent book, Lost. Found., came to me in a dream.

Is it hard to write/illustrate a book? It’s always a challenge. Some of my stories take months to write. But I recently wrote a story in just one day. My agent loves it and is submitting it to editors now.

Do you have a favorite among the books you have written/illustrated? I don’t really have a favorite book of my own. They are all like children to me. I do have a special place in my heart for my first book Heart of a Tiger, about a small kitten who has a dream to give himself a name like that of the magnificent Bengal Tiger on Naming Day. One of my favorite characters is Lily inPrancing Dancing Lily. She is such fun! When I visit schools the children and I get in a conga line and dance, just like Lily. And my recent book Lost. Found. is special to me as it’s full of funny animals and shows that if we come together even unraveled things can be knitted back together again. You can see the book trailer for Bear and his friends, from Lost. Found., on my home page:

What author do you really like right now? I really like the work of illustrator Erin E. Stead and the writing of Philip Stead. Philip’s book A Sick Day for Amos McGee is so dear. One of my all time favorite books is Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney.

What advice do you have for a kid who wants to be an author? I’d suggest enjoying all the activities a kid enjoys and also reading lots of wonderful books. Of course, if you like to write, you can enjoy telling, writing, or drawing stories for yourself, your family, and your friends. Have fun! 

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