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Swatch: The Girl Who Loved Color


by Julia Denos

Swatch is a beautiful book. The illustrations are great. I wish I could draw like her. I kind of do, but maybe not quite so well.  This book was recommended to me by Salina Yoon.

The story is about a girl who loves color. She would train the colors and keep them in jars. But one day, she wanted to catch yellowest yellow, but yellow got mad. And that is where the fun begins.

I think this is a book about trying to control everything. I try to do that sometimes. It doesn’t work well. I gave this book to my art therapist, who is helping me learn to control things appropriately. She was happy. She thought it was a great book and would help me and other kids like me.  And her.  Plus she also thought is was beautiful.

I recommend this book to kids like me and art therapist. Maybe artists would like this too



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