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By Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Henny visited my blog on the Fourth of July with his friend, Peddles.  I will review Peddles next week, so come back for that!

Elizabeth grew up in a house with a snapping turtle and an alligator as pets. Now she has an one-eyed dog and two folded earred cats.  I think this influences her stories. Maybe we will find out when I interview her later.

Henny is a hen with arms. It is very nice but also weird. Hens are not supposed to have arms. Sometimes she liked it, sometimes she didn’t.  It is like Dennis in Be a Friend – we all have things that make us special. Like me, I am different than other kids. For instance, I run a book review blog at 7! And I know a lot of authors (Hi, Authors!!)

I think Elizabeth is a very good artist. The drawings are really good.

I really think you should read this book. It will make you think differently and think nicer. We should appreciate everyone’s differences.


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