Nancy Drew 173: Danger on the Great Lakes

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By Carolyn Keene

This is my first big kid book to review. Even though I am only going into second grade, I read this book entirely by myself. It took me two weeks to read. I am very proud I kept reading it.

Nancy Drew is a girl detective. I love her. [Bridget note: Maybe I will be Nancy Drew for Halloween] I am almost done a second one.

In this book, Nancy is trying to find out who is the jewelry robber. The jewelry robber robbed jewelry stores in Mexico and the United States. But that is just in the books, it doesn’t mean it happened in real life. It is called on the Great Lakes because she is on a cruise ship on the Great Lakes. I live on the Great Lakes and haven’t seen a cruise ship, but it sounds cool.

Nancy’s friends, Bess and George, are with her. Did you know George is a girl?

I think this would be a good book for girls and their moms, grandmothers, aunts or anybody to read together. My mom says she read Nancy Drew too. My babysitter said she read Nancy Drew.

Dear reader, did you read Nancy Drew and which one was your favorite?

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  1. These nancy Drew books are not the same as I read as a girl some 60 years ago. They are more interesting with up to date subjects and conversations.

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