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Monsters Eat Whiny Children


By Bruce Eric Kaplan

My mom made me read this book. She says I am whiny some days. I hated this book because I think I am not whiny. It’s true. Don’t believe Mom.

Ok, I didn’t really hate the book. I just don’t like Mom saying I am whiny.

This book is about whiny children who get captured by monsters. The monsters want to eat the whiny children but they keep fighting over how they will eat the children. One wants to eat a whiny children sandwich. Another wants whiny children soup. And one wants whiny child burgers.  More monsters have an opinion on this and they just can’t make a decision. By the time they do, the children have run away [OOPS, SPOILER].

The children swear they will not be whiny again, but the books says they are.

I recommend this to whiny children (Mom says this is all children). I bet parents would like this, especially whiny parents. Actually parents will like it more than the kids. It is a funny book.

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