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Peddles Cover_ERStanton

By Elizabeth Rose Stanton.

This book  is  about  a pig named  Peddles who thought differently than other pigs. It took him a while but he wanted  to  dance . He  tried  but  it  didn’t  go well the first time. He was discouraged but the other pigs helped him out. Even though  he was different, the other pigs accepted him.

This books means to me, even though I am different, I will find my pigs. My mom always says I will find my person but sometimes  it takes a while. I just wish my person would come quicker. I appreciate  my readers being so nice. Maybe my readers are my pigs. If you don’t like pigs, maybe you are my Henny  or my Joy or just my friend.

I recommend this book to kids who think differently  or for kids who want to try dance. I tried dance but decided it wasn’t the right time for me. I am going to try again this fall. Annoying little brother is a tap and ballet dancer. He has hard time with being the only boy in his class.



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