Pirate’s Lullaby: Mutiny at Bedtime


By Marcie Wessels

Illustrated by Tim Bowers

[ Bridget note: Annoying Little Brother loves pirates. He really liked this book so I am letting him review it.]

This book is about a baby pirate. He doesn’t want to go to bed. I don’t like going to bed either.

Daddy Pirate tells him to go to bed and he doesn’t.  Baby Pirate says his teddy bear is lost. Daddy Pirate looks for him and almost trips over teddy bear.

My favorite part is Baby Pirate’s bedroom. I want it.


I like he marches along the treasure map. The x marks the spot is his pillow. He has fishies on his jammies. I am going to paint my floor blue and mark it like this. I need the blankie and pillow. Memere! Mommy! Make this for me!

I recommend this book to myself. I love pirates very much. My motto is always be the pirate.

[Bridget note 2: Marcie answers my questions tomorrow. Thank you to Annoying Little Brother for this review.]



2 thoughts on “Pirate’s Lullaby: Mutiny at Bedtime”

  1. AAARRRGGGGGHHHH, there be much joy in reading pirate books. Not all of us were really mean, but we loved treasure. Being an annoying little brother is the first step to being a true menace of the seas. Be nice to your sister and maybe she will let you review more books about our adventures on the high seas. Can’t wait to read this book now that you recommended it. Maybe I will learn a few things about being a better pirate. Lower the mains’l and off to bed with ye.

    Cap’n Charlie a Minnesota Pirate.

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