Program Note

Hello to all of Bridget’s readers! I am Melissa, aka Bridget’s administrator and mom.  Bridget and Annoying Little Brother are on vacation in Maine with their grandparents and hopefully doing a lot of this. I know she has been reading and volunteering!


She is also about 3 weeks away from school starting and we want to encourage her to vacation as much as possible. We do have a number of posts scheduled over the next few weeks but there will be a few days with no posts. We hope you understand!

I want to say “Thank You” for all the support and kindness you have shown Bridget over the past two months. We have shared with her all of the comments made here and on her social media. We have seen a huge growth in her confidence over the past two months as she receives comments complimenting her efforts, calling her a cutie, an inspiration and a super star.  Bridget loves to talk about her readers and what she wants to do for them. As her mother,  I say thank you for being her cheerleaders and supporters.

Just to clarify a question we receive often – we do manage all of Bridget’s online aspect. I see everything and work with Bridget on the responses. She has no direct access to anything.  Even for her book reviews, she often writes them in a notebook or she dictates them as I type. Do not worry – you are talking to Bridget but just with a chaperone!

We do have some work for you. She is running out of librarians to interview already – are you a librarian who wants to share your story?  

Bridget is absolutely loving the book recommendations she has received, so keep sending them!

If you missed it, make sure to check out Chloe’s Friendship Circle. Bridget joined Chloe on Episode 31:  Be Yourself! She was really excited and loved working with another superstar second grader! Definitely worth adding Chloe to your podcast rotation!



And now, I will go back to the biggest book mom worry. How to get my child’s nose out of a book without discouraging a love of reading?

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  1. Maybe try cooking things that are mentioned in the books she is reading. Had she read Blueberries for Sal? Since she is in Maine she could go look for blueberries. Bridget is delightful and I enjoy her reviews.

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