Ask a Librarian – Donna Lambert & Harry Spear

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Vassalboro Public Library, Vassalboro, Maine

The Vassalboro Public Library is open 3 days a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Most of the time there are at least two volunteers available to assist patrons. Volunteers are important to keeping it running!
I interviewed Donna Lambert, library director and Harry Spear, helper, in person!

What kind of librarian are you?

Donna: I am the library director.

Harry: I am a volunteer.
How long have you been a librarian?

Donna: 16 years.
What led you to wanting to be a librarian?

Donna: I like books and kids. I started as a children librarian.
Harry:     I like books.

How do you pick books?

Donna: I base the books on what the patrons like and what authors are popular.


Do you have a favorite author?

Donna: Gerry Boyle who lives next town over. He writes mystery stories.

Harry: I don’t have a favorite author.
How do you decide what book to recommend to a specific kid?

Donna: I ask kids what they like and help them find books on that subject.

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  1. I love librarians AND I love libraries! I like to read in the children’s section with the low tables and chairs. I’m short, so the children’s furniture is the most comfy for me! Fun Fact. Most of my Penguin and Bear books were written at my local library. Thank you for spotlighting librarians, Bridget! Good job! Your friend, Salina

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