When a Dragon Moves in Again

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By Jodi Moore

Illustrated by Howard McWilliam

This is the second book in the Dragon set.I reviewed the first a few weeks ago. My new cousin was born this week and this book is about a new baby.


This book is about when a baby arrives at the house dragon lives at. At first it is exciting but new babies are hard work. You have to be quiet and your parents are very tired. The boy isn’t sure he wants a baby brother. He blames dragon for his bad behavior.

I am not sure I want a new baby at my house. My parents say it will just be me and annoying little brother. But I have a baby cousin.

I recommend this book to my cousins. I will give them my copy. 

Memere made the baby a quilt with red dragons on it. She never read this book!

 I made the baby a quilt too! Now I am going to visit with my cousins.


Ps. Here I am reading the book to the sleeping dragon at Southfield Library!


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  1. New babies are so much fun. I bet you will make your baby cousin a reader like you! Nice job on the quilt, B. And I love all of Jodi Moore’s books, including this one! Thanks for reviewing it!

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