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I want you….

This week, I am adjusting my schedule for a super special book review tomorrow.  It is a big first for me and very exciting.

Next week, I will be starting school again. I will continue posting but maybe not as often. I will be the new kid at a new school. I am nervous but excited.

I need your help. I have run out of librarians I know to interview. Can you help me find some?  You can share my website with the librarians in your life. They can contact me through the website.

I have interviews in the works with illustrators and more authors. Hopefully I can share an illustrator interview soon.

Happy read-in!


10 thoughts on “I want you….

  1. I work at Auburn Public Library in Auburn, GA. I am the children’s programmer there. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have for me.


  2. My name is Stephanie Hartwell-Mandella and I am head of Youth Services at Katonah Village Library. I would be honored if you interviewed me.


  3. My name is Ana Billotti. I am a Children’s Associate Librarian with Washington County Free Library in Hagerstown, MD. I’d be happy to answer any of your questions.


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