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Even Superheroes have bad days


By Shelly Becker

Illustrated by Eda Kaban

(Bridget note: This is a pre-release review! It is my first!  The book will be available September 6th)

Do you think super heroes are perfect? I don’t because some times their plans go wrong. What do you think they do when they have bad days. I think they sit on a cloud and do yoga. Oops spoiler alert, spoiler alert. Maybe what they were doing was yoga but I’m not sure.

This is a good book for super heroes. I loved this book because it shows me how to calm down.( Bridget note: I used to be very very bad at calming down. Now I am just a little bad at calming down.  Iam usually just over tired)

Everybody read this book because it helps people calm down.

Smiles: 10

bonus: 3


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