Friday Funny with Tori Kerr

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When I was in Washington, DC, I met Tori, the producer for Kids Place Live. She is really funny and cool, so I asked her questions. I learned we love the same music..


Social media/website: Kids Place Live on Facebook, @kidsplacelive on Twitter and Instagram (Mindy and I both update all our platforms)

Tell me about yourself: I work for SiriusXM in Washington, DC, specifically for Kids Place Live and Radio Classics (a channel exclusively for old-time radio shows). In my free time I love to read (lots of mystery novels) and cuddle with my dog, a little red miniature pinscher named Nala!

How long have you been in radio? 2 years professionally plus 3 years of hosting a college radio show.

How did you get into it? College radio! I joined WRGW at George Washington University and fell head over heels in love with it. I had a music show for three years where I played a wide variety of music. I also oversaw all our music shows as the station’s Music Director. I found SiriusXM at an internship fair and interned here with the Folk music channel (The Village!!) for a summer when I was in college, then when I graduated Mindy and Kenny hired me full-time on Kids Place! It’s been a dream come true ever since.

What is the best part of being on a kids show? We never stop laughing. Every day at work feels like hanging out with our friends and having fun. The kid listeners inspire us to be more creative and positive, which in turn helps us create content that kids and their families will truly enjoy. Also, we get to listen to, and earnestly debate, songs about farts.

Can you recommend a new musician I should check out? I am obsessed with Andrew & Polly right now. I think they appeal to adults, kids, adults with kids and adults without kids! I recommend them to my other 20-something friends who don’t even have kids and we’re all hooked on A&P! Since I met them through KPL, they were kind enough to put me in the liner notes for their new album, which is a first for me! Their new album comes out at the end of September. (Bridget note: I love Andrew & Polly too! I am going to go eat Grapes)

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