To the Cider Mill

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by Danna York

This is a different book than what I usually review. With this book, I got to be one of the artists. It is a story about what you find at the Cider Mill. The reader gets to color the pictures in and on some pages, draw the picture.


Here is my scarecrow!

The book even suggest things you can do in the fall. Apple picking is one of my favorites.

This might be a hard book to find, but if you can, it is worth reading. (Bridget note: and drawing) It is really cool to let kids be part of the book!

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  1. Bridget!!! I am honored by you!!! Your illustration of a scarecrow is wonderful!!! You are doing so much for authors and kids at such a young age-and I am so happy to be part of it!! You are so talented and on your way to great things!! Keep up the good work and keep reading!!
    Danna York

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