Journey Trilogy

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By Aaron Becker

This is a three book review! The books are Journey, Quest and Return. I found Journey in the school library and I loved it. I am happy to have read all three! I found the other two at the Eric Carle Museum. Sadly, I could not stay for the Aaron Becker signing later in the day.


There are no words in these books. So I bet everyone has a different idea of what the books are about. My idea is the girl wants someone to play with. Her sister is busy. Her mom is busy. Her dad is busy.  So she draw a door in her room with her magic crayon. She goes through it and ends up in a forest. Then she finds a dock and draws a boat, so she can ride down the river. She ends up in a castle.

All three books are about her adventures with her magic red crayon and the boy with a purple magic crayon (Spoiler she finds a friend).

I just noticed the book cover for Quest is purple. The cover for Journey is red.  Return is blue. I wonder if this is on purpose and based on their crayon colors.  Maybe the King’s crayon is blue or maybe the Dad’s is…

I recommend these books for kids of all ages. You can tell your own version of the story. What is your idea of this story?


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