City Street Beat

  • 1 min read

by Nancy Viau 

Illustrated by: Barbara Bakos 

This book is about a little girl going to see a friend. They spend the whole day exploring and listening music and going around the city. But when the day is done, they go home which is not in the city. The city has a lot of sounds to it.

I live near a big city too. This weekend, I went exploring the city with my Mom. We heard the sound of the city – street musician, cars, the vendors of the farmer market, the sizzle of the grill, the people chattering around and kids laughing. I even heard and petted some dogs. I think my experience was very much like this book.

I recommend this book. Cities are great to explore. All the cities I have been to have been very different and the sounds change.

Tomorrow, I have an interview with Nancy Viau. Please come back for that!


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