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Ask the librarian: Ami Jones


Name of Library: Alamogordo Public Library

What kind of librarian are you? Youth Services, which means I do everything for newborns on up to college kids.

How long have you been a librarian? About ten years now.

What led you to wanting to be a librarian? I was a public school teacher for ten years, and while I loved my students, I was getting frustrated by all the things that keep teachers from actually being able to teach these days. When this position opened, I jumped at it. Now I get to do all my favorite parts of teaching!

How do you pick books for your library? I look at several blogs every day, I go through catalogs, and I continually evaluate my collection to see what is out of date, or what is popular and need to be expanded. I also keep a book request box with easy forms on my desk, so kids can tell me what they want to see more of – those go to the top of the ordering pile!

Do you have a favorite author? Sooooo many now, but when I was growing up it was Madeleine L’Engle and Bruce Coville.

How do you decide what book to recommend to a specific kid? If they are new to me, I ask them what they have read recently that they really liked, and go from there. I feel really good when I know a child well enough that, when a book comes in, I immediately think, “so and so would love this!”