How the Moon Regained Her Shape

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By Janet Ruth Heller

Illustrated by Ben Hodson

This book is about the moon. It is about the Sun being mean to the Moon. He says very mean things and hurts her feeling. She gets littler every time he says something mean. That is why every night there is a different moon shape.  This is how people feel when others say mean things – they feel little.

The Moon comes to Earth and nice people help her see how important she is. She gets back to her right size and goes back to the sky. This is how people feel when others are nice to them.

This book is about bullying but also about being the nice person. I think the colors and characters are very important in this story and have lots of meanings of their own.

I would recommend this book to kids and teachers. Bullying happens in schools and this book would help kids feel better and know how to deal with it.

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  1. Dear Bridget Smith,

    Thank you so much for reviewing my book How the Moon Regained Her Shape . I really appreciate your kindness in helping other people to know about my book about bullying. I was bullied when I entered elementary school because I was a new student and I was skinny. I wrote this book to help other children so that they would not have to suffer as much as I did.

    There is one small error: the artist’s name is Ben Hodson (it is not spelled right in the key words section at the bottom of your review, where it is spelled Dodson).

    I will tell my friends and family about your review and your website. Thank you again for your time and effort in writing this review.

    Best wishes for the new school year!

    Janet Ruth Heller
    My website is

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