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Starry River of the Sky

By Grace Lin

Starry River of the Sky is the second book after Where the Mountain meets the Moon.  The stories are connected but I am not going to tell you how. You have to find out. It is important you read Where the Mountain meets the Moon first.

In this story, the main character is named Rendi. He has run away from home and traveled to another town. He is a chore boy in the new town. All the other characters are people he meets at the inn. Rendi hears a moan and MOANNNNN every night. He is confused why others don’t hear it. To them it is faint, but to him, it is near.

I liked it because it can be forgiving because in the end, Rendi helps someone. I like how she puts legends into the story. Often, the legends turn out to be real.

I am really excited about the third book, When the Sea turns to Silver. It comes out tomorrow!

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