Super Happy Party Bear Dance Playlist

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Today’s Friday Funny is my own Super Happy Party Bear Dance Playlist. I love dance parties and so do the Party Bears. So let’s have a Friday Dance Party.  Just know before my parents found Kids Place Live, we listened to their playlists. Now we mostly listen to kid’s music but some songs are still favorites.

We start our playlist with Get this Party Started (Shirley Bassey version).

2. Dancing in the kitchen by Tim Kubart

3. I don’t feel like dancin’ by Scissor Sisters

4. Jump Around by House of Pain (Dad says I have always loved this song and would bounce to it as a baby)

5. Can’t Stop the Feeling by Justin Timberlake (I can’t wait for this movie to come out. What about you?)

6. Dancing Queen by ABBA

7. Breakfast Club by Tim Kubart (you try not loving his stuff)

8. Really don’t care by Postmodern Jukebox (Annoying Little Brother was Tambourine Guy for Halloween last year. Did you know Tim Kubart is Tambourine Guy?)

9. What does the fox say by Ylvis (Annoying Little Brother made us listen to this a lot before he found Tim Kubart)

10. We are the dinosaurs (dance remix) by Laurie Berkner

PS. Want a hint about my Halloween costume this year? I am reusing pieces of last year’s costume


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