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Dragon Was Terrible

By Kelly DiPucchio

Illustrated by Greg Pizzoli

Annoying little brother is having a hard time being a kindergartener. Mom got this book to help him learn to be nicer at school.

Dragon at Ren Fest

In this story, Dragon is a very, very terrible dragon. He is very mean to people. They don’t like. The king posts a sign that whoever shall tame the horrible dragon shall be rewarded with a gift. He even says it will be a nice one and they will like it. ┬áLots of people try but they don’t succeed. Eventually a boy tries a different approach and it works.

Both Annoying Little Brother and I have ADHD. Mom says this book is like trying to manage our ADHD. It takes lots of tries before we find the right way to harness our magic power (Bridget note: I am now Savvy by Ingrid Law so learning about magic powers).

This book would be good for kids being mean, kids with magical powers (like ADHD) and people who need to learn to keep trying. The first thing doesn’t always work.Sometimes you have to do something nice and different.