Cranbrook Institute of Science

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This is not a book review. This is about one of my favorite places to visit. Best part is it is right by my house. Cranbrook Institute of Science is really cool science museum. They have cool activities around holidays or special dates.

But first, let’s talk about the regular exhibits.  There are a lot of rocks and minerals in the mineral gallery. I like to play eye spy here. There is also Every Rock has a story. They have a rock labeled the “oldest rock in Michigan” that you can touch. In this room, you learn about how rocks form and move around.

My favorite room is the Noisy Room. I am not sure what it is really called but it has a cool moving sculpture. I think that is what it is. The metal balls go down it and make a ton of a noise. It is like an obstacle course for balls. There is also another exhibit where you try to get the balls to get through a ring at the bottom. You have to move plates around so the ball will bounce just right. It is really hard to do.


Sifting for fossils and teeth!

There is a cool planterium, an observatory and a bunch of other exhibits. Right now, the special exhibit is Megladons. (Bridget note: the museum is one big circle so you can’t lose your kid)


Speed Racer and a Knight in freezing armor (a few years back)

My favorite special event is Halloween Science. This year, it will held on October 21-23rd. I don’t know yet which session I am going to, but I will be there.  First fun fact: NO CANDY (yea, for special diets). Second fun fact: they blow up pumpkins. Third fun fact: they fling pumpkins with a trebuchet (make sure to name the pumpkin first) Fourth fun fact: there are science experiments all the museum. Fifth fun fact: the staff dress up in silly costume (watch out for the black ninja) Sixth fun fact: there is a roller coaster ride in the planterium. Seventh fun fact: you can visit the special exhibit as part of this ticket. Eighth fun fact: you can buy snacks. Ninth fun fact: this is my favorite event of the whole year (minus my birthday). Tenth fun fact: it will be yours too!

Boring details: tickets can be pre-ordered at their website.

This is not a sponsored post…..

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