Book Beat

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There is a really cool bookstore called Book Beat nearby. I went there today and can’t wait to return. There are books piled everywhere. It is a book lovers dream.

Mom let me get a bunch of new books. One day my bookshelves will look like this store!


This upcoming week will be “Comique Week” on my blog so all my posts will be about comics. Comique Con will be on Saturday and it is cool event about women in comics. Learn more tomorrow with an interview from the founder!


Working on my cosplay outfit

2 thoughts on “Book Beat”

  1. I loved comic books when I was a youngster. It is true we would hide the comic book inside a school book in class and read it when we were not supposed to. This made the teachers angry, but we did it anyway. I lost a lot of good comic books that way.

  2. Good bookstores are hard to find. I am glad you found that one. Maybe you will take me there when I come to help Mom and Dad move.

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