Zita the Spacegirl

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By Ben Hatke

Zita is about a girl and her friend who find a machine. Zita clicks a million times and a portal opens up. Something in the portal takes her friend. She clicks in million times more so the portal opens again. She then has a journey in space to find her friend before time runs out.

I like this because it is a space girl. Cleopatra and Interstellar Cinderella would love to meet Zita. I would like to go on an adventure with the three of them in space. I like the artwork. I love Zita, so much this year at ComiqueCon, I am dressing as her. Last year, I was Cleopatra.

I love reading comics because they are brain candy. There is a picture for every part of the story. It makes it easier to understand what is going on.  I think kids should read comics to help them learn to read and enjoy reading.

Now I go beg for the other Zita books in the series. How well behaved do you think I need to be?

3 thoughts on “Zita the Spacegirl”

  1. Sounds like a book I would have wanted to read 60 years ago. You kids are lucky to have these and not the Dick and Jane series.

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