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The Super-Smelly Moldy Blob


By Amy Marie Stadelmann

This is the perfect book to kick off my Halloween Week. It is second Olive and Beatrix story. I liked this book. These my favorite book candies.

It is cool because they do science and magic mixed together. They are good role models for girls. It would be cool to dress as them for Halloween.

In this story, they do a science project at their school. But both Olive and Beatrix want the same table, the best table. They fight over it and drop their experiments. Their experiment makes a Super-Smelly Moldy Blob that they have to chase around their school.

I totally recommend this book. You will like it.

Tomorrow, the author is joining me to answer my questions!

2 thoughts on “The Super-Smelly Moldy Blob

  1. Once in a while things turn out quite differently than we expect. This makes for adventures which can be a good thing. But smelly blobs sound too much like smelly feet. Do you or your annoying little brother ever have smelly feet?


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