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Babushka’s Doll


By Patricia Polacco

This is a perfect Halloween book because I don’t like it. Okay, I really don’t like the fact the doll comes alive. It is creepy. It comes alive and acts like the girl. The girl was being very naughty so the doll was naughty.

The doll scared the girl to behave. My mom said she wants that doll. I say NO, it will act like me and scream! (Yes, sometimes I yell but not always).

Anyway this is a good creepy story right before Halloween. It will make you wonder if your dolls will come alive and be naughty.



One thought on “Babushka’s Doll

  1. Well now Bridget, Yelling is not okay, but it beats screaming. I wonder if that doll could go to school with someone and learn to read and do math. Then it could do your homework with you. Now that would not be scary.


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