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Never Insult a Killer Zucchini


By Elana Azose & Brandon Amancio

Illustrated by David Clark

I picked this book up for Annoying Little Brother who loves zucchini. He calls them “bikinis” though. It is very funny to hear him say let’s eat bikinis for dinner.

This book is an alphabet book. Every letter is about a type of science experiment. At the end of the book, they explain how these projects really works. The boy in the book has created a killer zucchini. His classmates have created equally dangerous and weird projects, like mind control, a vortex and shrink ray. I am not sure this science fair is safe!

I liked learning about the science projects and seeing what could happen.

I recommend this book to Guy Raz. It seems like his kind of book. If you like science facts, you should read this too!

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