Waiting for Snow

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By Marsha Diane Arnold

Illustrated by Renata Liwska

I asked my class to help me review the book as well. I explained to them how I do reviews with my mom. First, I explain the story followed by what I liked about it and finally my overall review and recommendations for who should read it.  The reviews by a few of my classmates are below.  Spoiler: they liked it and recommend it!

But first, here is my review.

Waiting for Snow is a fun book. The illustrations are really cute. It almost makes you want  a pet badger. This book was really a book to read about being patient and waiting for the right time. The friendships in it are really good. I liked when his friends used sugar to make snow for him. I would like friends like that -though maybe not a yard full of sugar snow.

I recommend this book to kids that are impatient. Also kids who like snow.

Now some reviews from my classmates.
Review by Christian
This story is about a Badger which is waiting for snow. The characters are Badger, a hedgehog, a squirrel, a rabbit, a vole and a possum. Badger is tired of waiting and his friends help him with crazy ideas like putting his pjs backwards and wakes up and he thinks it is snow, but his friends was making it with sugar.

Review by Arionne
This story is about a Badger who is not waiting patiently for snow. There is a lesson in waiting patiently for special and fun things to happen.
The characters are rabbit, badger, hedgehog, possum and vole. Badger is not waiting patiently for snow so his friends help with their theories. Badger wanted snow so he started doing weird ideas.

Review by Kennedy
The story is about snow falling down and to be patient. The lesson is to be patient. The characters are are rabbit, badger, hedgehog, vole and possum. The book is funny. The characters told Badger to be patient and they told him to put on his pjamas on backwards. Then snow came.
Five stars

Review by Jayden E.
This story is about snow falling and bring patient. The lesson is…. Being patient. The book is good because it’s about patience.
Five stars plus one bonus star

Review by King
This story is about snow. The lesson is… being patient. This is a fun book.

Review by Shemarr
This book is about patience and snow. The lesson is waiting. This book is fun.
Review by Khori
This book is about waiting for snow. The lesson is we have to wait. This book is fun.

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