The Never Girls: in a blink

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By Kiki Thorpe

Illustrated by Jana Christy

I really like the Tinkerbell movies. I was even a Pirate Fairy for Halloween once. The Never Girls book series tells about girls who get to explore Neverland.

In a blink is the first book. Mia, Lainey, Kate and Gabby find themselves in Neverland after a fairy blinked them there. In Neverland they call people the Clumsies. The girls have an adventure with the fairies. The fairies even make the girls a room in a weeping willow tree.

It was a fun story because at the end, the fairies said they made some errors and the girls could not go home for a couple days. They haven’t gone back home by the end of the book.

Kids who want to go on a magical adventure should read this book.

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