Dragons from Mars

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by Deborah Aronson

Illustrated by Colin Jack

Yesterday, I went to a book reading at the local indie bookstore. There were three authors reading their children’s books. I was able to line up 5 interviews during my visit. Plus two of the authors admitted they are fans of my website. I have fans! But today, I am going to review one of their books. I got this one for Annoying Little Brother.

Dragons from Mars is a very funny book. I think one of the dragons is Dragon from Jodi Moore‘s When a Dragon Moves In.  The boy sends an email at mars@martians.com. He loves dragons and thinks they live on Mars.  You can see he loves dragons because they are all over his room. He gets an email back from Molly and Fred saying they are coming to visit. His mom says they can visit but they can’t breathe fire.  They are not good house guests but they fix it in the end.

I like there are dragons in this book. I really like the pictures and colors used. The story is really funny and it teaches you how to be a good visitor.

I recommend this book to kids who might visit someone over the holidays. I also recommend this to my cousins who love dragons.

PS. I learned there is a secret if you remove the book cover!

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