The Stepmother who dreamed of feathers

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by Kristen Grace

Illustrated by Natasha Alterici

This is a fairy tale that the stepmother is not evil. She is nice.  It starts out with a king who liked to shoot at birds. One day, he shot at a bird who turned into a girl. He had that girl turn into a queen with him. She always wore the same dress and she seemed sad. They had a baby girl and the Queen disappeared into a storm of feathers. The king found another Queen who raised the girl. The girl was happy but one day she flew off to find her mother. The stepmother was sad until the girl returned. They all lived happily ever after. (Spoiler: Oops, told you the whole story. Still read it)

I liked it because there were birds and the stepmother wasn’t evil.

I recommend this to kids with stepparents. Not everyone is evil.

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