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by Matthew S Armstrong

Periwinkle is a penguin who wants to fly. But penguins don’t fly. He uses lots of silly ideas to try and fly. This is not a book with words. It is a picture, picture book so you tell the story.  That means every time I read it, my story is a little different.

In the end, he finds a solution and a girl penguin.

I liked this story because it is cute and funny. I like that I can make the story up.

I recommend this story to who ever needs a laugh or wants to be the author of a book.

Now, I am going to share the exciting news that I was recently named as an official #GivingZooDay Penguin Ambassador for the Detroit ZooThey want to raise funds for their penguin conservation efforts. It is no secret I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE X Million penguins. When I was little, I used to say I was going to grow up to be a penguin! Now I have other ideas – an author who writes penguins, an illustrator who draws only penguins, work for Penguin Books, be a penguinologist or who knows.

Anyways, I will be sharing more about this activity over the next few weeks on my social media.


Oh and my business cards came in! They are so cool!


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