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Where’s My Tushy?

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By Deborah Aronson

Illustrated by Ivica Stevanovic

Where’s My Tushy? is funny. The tushies, which are what we sit on, have left a town. So no one has a bottom. In one of the pictures, where the tushy was there is a line. It is very funny.  The people had to wrap their clothes around their hips several times or stuff their pants with pillows or socks.  They couldn’t sit down but they could lay down or stand on their hands. They really missed their tushies. You will have to read the book to find out if they come back.

I liked that they knew how their tushies looked off their bottom. The pictures are very funny. The story is just silly. Some days, we all just need a silly story.

I recommend this to people who love their tushies. Also people who need a laugh. I also think little kids will like this, because they love saying potty words and this book lets you say tushy a lot!