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Today, my review is meet the movie. I have a read a lot over Thanksgiving break but am saving those reviews for later.

The movie I am reviewing is Trolls. There is a Bridget and a Cooper (aka Annoying Little Brother) in it. The movie is about trolls having to find a new home and Bergens (bad guys) taking the trolls to try and eat them because they think that is only thing that can make them happy. Bridget is a Bergen, she is a nice one and the scullery maid for the king.  She helps the trolls.

This is a very nice movie. Cooper is the giraffe-like animal that poops out cupcakes. I liked that there is more to happiness than one thing.

I recommend everyone go see this. It will make you laugh. It will make you dance.

I am working on building Poppy, the troll princess, in Legos right now. Ok, bye!

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