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Fun Facts About Lisa Rose

  • Loves the color blue
  • Hates ketchup
  • Taught 1st grade and her students often lived in homeless shelters
  • Owned pet turtles named Broccoli and Peapod
  • Practices yoga and LOVES to swim!
  • Prefers frosting and ice cream to anything spicy or garlicy


What inspired you to write your book Shmulik Paints the Town? This story was inspired by my cousin who paints pictures using dog paw prints. She dips the paw in paint and then stamps it over the canvas. Afterwards, she creates paintings based upon the prints. Owners love to have this very unique work of art. Also, sometimes people bring their old and sick dogs to her so that they can have a lasting memory their beloved pet.
How long did it take to write this book? I was swimmer before I ever was a writer. It was excellent practice for becoming a writer. Both often require you to go as fast as you can into a cement wall. This story hit many cement walls. I put it aside for a bit and then one day after attending a story structure workshop by Shutta Crum I figured out how to revise it. Victory! My advice: Never to throw out stories that aren’t working. Simply, put them aside—you never know when you will learn how to revise it. It may take days…or years…but it will come. I probably worked on this story for two years or so before it was sold. It took two years almost exactly from the date Kar-Ben accepted the story to publication.

Do you plan to write more books? My writing is very diverse. I write Jewish picture books and stories inspired by my students in Highland Park and Pontiac. (I’m a recovering first grade teacher.) I write non-fiction and silly secular fiction picture books. But all of these works are linked by common theme of: cheer for the underdog!
Also, my stories can be read in a new app called AMAZON RAPIDS by Amazon. The titles are EARLY BIRD vs. WORM and VENUS FLYTRAP vs. BEE.

Who is your favorite children’s author? Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak has always been my favorite picture book. I love Mo Willems and Kelly Dipucchio. I fell in love with Judy Blume and I adore Jacqueline Woodson.

Who inspires you to be an author? Many authors inspire me but I think the world is my biggest inspiration—I just can’t stop when I feel like there is a story inside of me.

Do you have any advice for kids like me? Keep reading!

Also, I host a picture book discussion group on Facebook. Many times people don’t buy diverse books, because they lack the awareness. I’m Jewish, and as I said, many of my stories are inspired by my African American students. I believe because of my experience, I have unique perspective of understanding two communities. I observe how both communities can lack an understanding of each other. Not because of hate, but because of just living divided. I believe the way to end ignorance is with knowledge. I call it MISSING VOICE because I want it to mean more than just race, but also include religion, and little known historical facts and people. Once a month a new picture book is selected to read and discuss. At the end of the month is a live chat with the author on our Facebook page.



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