Liberty’s Journey

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Image result for LIBERTY'S JOURNEYBy Kelly DiPucchio

Illustrated by Richard Egielski.

I choose this book by Kelly DiPucchio because I really like the Statue of Liberty. I was even her for Halloween.

This book is about Lady of Liberty going on a journey. She travels across the US. You see her in cities and farm fields.She stops at the Golden Gate Bridge.  There a boy gives her a bunch of post cards.

I recommend this book to everyone, especially if you like the Statue of Liberty like I do.

Tomorrow, Kelly answers my questions! She is local to me so I have met her few times. She is really nice


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  1. Ooh! What a neat-sounding book! I would love to travel across America like that and see all the amazing things. I’ve traveled a little, but I haven’t seen the Golden Gate Bridge yet.

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