Over and Under the Snow

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By Kate Messner

Art by Christopher Silas Neal

Yesterday, it really snowed in my town. I played outside and lost my hat for a few minutes. Then I spent time warming inside. No hot cocoa just yet (Mom is still trying to figure out a version that works with my food restrictions).

I borrowed the book “Over and Under the Snow” from the school library. I did not know a big snow storm would come, but now this is the perfect book to review.  It tells us what is under the snow.  The girl is skiing with her Dad in a snowy forest. She asks a question about what is under the snow. Her dad shares there is a secret kingdom of animals staying safe.

The art is beautiful. It helps tell the story. I like this story about it tells me the facts about where animals are in the winter.

I think people who want to learn about where animals go in the winter should read this.

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  1. I’m glad you got to play in the snow! There really is a lot of it, isn’t there? I didn’t know that there were so many animals that lived under the snow during the winter! I should read this book and learn.

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