Are we there, Yeti

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By Ashlyn Anstee

Tomorrow, Emily Arrow is answering my questions. My favorite song by her is “Are we there, Yeti?”, so here is a review of the book.

Are we there, Yeti? is funny, silly, funny, funny, silly, silly book. It is about kids going on a field trip with a Yeti bus driver. All through the book, the kids ask “Are we there, Yeti?” and other questions my mom says kids ask in the car.  Do you get the Yeti/Yet switch?


I don’t want to share the secret of where they were going, so I really suggest you read this book. It is just silly! I am so glad Emily wrote a song about it so I went to find the book.  That is the best thing about Emily’s music – she introduces me to new books!

I give 10 stars and 99 bonus snowballs!

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