Top five Penguin books

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Today it is cold and snowy outside. It is 7 degrees outside as I write this (brrrrr). In honor of the cold, I am picking my top five Penguin Books!

1. Penguin and the Pinecone by Salina Yoon (ps doesn’t Annoying Little Brother make a cute Penguin in that photo)

2. Penguin’s Christmas Wish by Salina Yoon

3. Smithsonian Q & A: Penguins: The Ultimate Question & Answer Book ( I haven’t reviewed this yet but I love this book)

4. Five Christmas Penguins by Steven Lenton

5. Penguin on vacation by Salina Yoon

Honorable mentions: Mr Popper’s Penguins, Penguin and Pumpkin, Penguin in Love, Penguin’s Big Adventure

(Bridget note: Mom said I couldn’t make this another Salina Yoon is the greatest post but my secret is I think she is)


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