How to catch Santa

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By Jean Reagan

Illustrated by Lee Wildish

The How to series has the perfect one for this time of the year! It is on How to Catch Santa. I got this book last Christmas but we were not successful in catching Santa. Annoying Little Brother and I will try again this year.

The book gives lots of perfect, just perfect ideas on how to catch Santa. One of them is really funny and involves using a volleyball net at the beach. I think it is too cold here to do that!  Mom says we can’t do the one using glitter. It is too messy! I do plan to put out lots of carrots for the reindeer!

I think kids will like this book. It is funny and silly. Kids like funny and silly!

If you wanted matching pjs, they even have them! So silly!

Main image for How To Catch Santa Pajamas

Come back tomorrow for an interview with author Jean Reagan!

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